Troubleshooting common import errors

Text format

When importing information into Yearli, the import process converts the information in the import file to Text format. Due to this, errors can occur if cells are formatted as Dates, Numbers, or Currency. To verify and change a cell's format:

  1. Open the import file.
  2. Right click on a cell.

Note: To change the format of all of the cells in an import file, press Ctrl and A on the keyboard to select the entire sheet.

  1. Choose Format Cells...
  2. If the selected category is not Text or General, select Text.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Verify that the value in the cell did not change. If the value did change after formatting to Text, re-enter the value while the cell is formatted as Text.

Spaces or hidden data

Occasionally there will be spaces or hidden data found after the entered information. We recommend clearing 20 blank rows below the last row of data to be sure that there are no spaces or hidden characters that could be causing the error. To do this:

  1. Open the import file.
  2. Scroll down to the last row that contains data.
  3. Select 20 blank rows after the last row of data. For example, if your last row of data is in row 100, select rows 101 through 120.
  4. Press Delete on the keyboard.
  5. Save the file and attempt to import again.

Required information is missing

Each import file has columns that cannot contain blank values. These columns will be indicated by red column headings in the import file. To find blank cells that may be causing import errors:

  1.     Open the import file.
  2.     Select the cells to be checked for blank values. To select an entire column, click on the column name (A, B, C, etc.).
  3.     Click the Home tab at the top of the screen.
  4.     In the Editing section, click on Find & Select.
  5.     Choose Go To Special...
  6.     Choose Blanks.
  7.     Click OK.
  8.     All blank cells will now be selected. Be sure that each red column heading has a value for each row on the import file.

Incorrect column headings

The import process in Yearli 2016 and newer requires the import file to have specific column headings in order for the software to properly map the data. If any of the column headings were changed, or one of the required column headings was deleted, errors will occur when attempting to import. Please see the Where can I download the template for W-2, 1099, or 1095 importing? article on steps to download a new template.

"The Payee ID is repeated. Please enter a unique number and resubmit"

Error occurs when there are forms for a payer with the same EIN already in the program or when importing from previous and choosing the "import forms with zero amounts."  When importing new forms all of the payer information must remain the same.  Any differences in the payer information will cause the error above.  To resolve the error:

Note:  When importing forms there is no need to import from previous from a prior year program as the import file will generate all of the payers and recipients necessary. 

  1. If the payer was imported from the previous year and no forms have been entered or e-filed for the payer, then delete the payer and re-import.
  2. Make a minor change to the payer information of the existing payer within the program and re-import  The program will then create a new payer. After the import make sure to change back the payer information that was changed prior to the import.
    • Ex, payer name line 2, payer address line 2, and/or name control.
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