Selecting Employment Type

Selecting Employment Type in the E-file Center

Only one employment type can be filed at a time. If W-2's exist with multiple employment types, multiple batches will need to be filed.

  1. Use the Yearli E-file Center - Select Employment Type window to select the W-2 employment type you want to process for state e-file. Your choices include:
    • Regular (941)
    • Agriculture (943)
    • 944
    • Household
    • Military
    • Medicare Qualified Government Employee
    • Railroad
  2. Click Next once selection has been made.
  3. The Employment Type chosen will dictate which forms appear for filing.
    • If a form or payer is not displayed after choosing the employment type, verify that the correct employment type was chosen, and that the W-2 form(s) have the correct Employment Type entered.
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