Are W-3/W-3C/1096/1094 Included With Forms when Electronically Filing?

W-3, W-3c, and 1096 Electronic Filing

When filing W-2, W-2c, or 1099 forms to the respective federal agency (IRS or SSA), the transmittal form is not required. These forms can be printed for client records, but they are not included with the e-filed forms, as they are not required by the agency. To print these forms for your records, please see the "Printing a 1096, W-3, or 1094-B form" section of the How to Print article.

1094 Electronic Filing

When filing 1095-C or 1095-B forms to the IRS through Yearli, the transmittal form (the 1094-C and 1094-B, respectively) is included with the filing. The 1094-B form is automatically generated by the software and included with the 1095-B filings. The 1094-C is created by the user during the e-filing process, and is included with the 1095-C while e-filling. Both the 1094-B and the 1094-C can be printed for record-keeping purposes. To print these forms, refer to the "Printing a 1094-C form" section of the How to Print article.

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