How to Create a W-3C, and What Wages to Include

Selecting Wages to Include on W-3 Form

During the import of W-2 data, you may be asked which wages should appear on the W-3 for each Payer.  You will need to indicate which State Wages and Local Wages are to be included on the Form W-3.

  • The options for State Wages are: State 1, State 2, Both, and Neither.
  • The options for Local Wages are: Locality 1, Locality 2, Both, and Neither.
  • Check the "Use for all imported Payers" checkbox to apply these settings to all payers in the current import file.
    • This checkbox will not apply the selections to future imports.

Once a selection has been made click Next to continue with the import.

Creating a W-3C

  1. Click on the Payer List button.
  2. Choose the payer.
  3. Click on Add Form.
  4. Choose W-3C from the Form Name drop down menu.
  5. Fill in the necessary fields on the form.
  6. Click Save.

Previewing Copy A of the W-2C

  1. Create a W-2C in the Recipient List.
  2. Close the Payers & Recipients screen.
  3. Click on the Print button.
  4. Choose W-2 Forms.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Choose the W-2C from the Select return box on the left.
  7. Choose Copy A from the Select copy listbox.
  8. Click on Print or Preview.
  9. When the form has completed printing, or the print preview is closed, a message will appear that reads "A new W-3C form is available on the Manage Payer screen.".
  10. Click OK.
  11. Close the Print screen.
  12. Click on the Payer List button.
  13. The W-3C will be listed in the Form List.
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