How to Use the Amount Types Window

Selecting Amount Types

  1. Click the Payer List button.
  2. Double click on the payer name.
  3. Highlight the recipient.
  4. Double click on the W-2 form in the form list.
  5. Click on the Amnts button in the upper right corner of the W-2 return or W-2 transaction screen.
  6. Highlight the amount type in the list on the left you wish to add to the W-2 form.
  7. Click Include to add to the Currently Selected Amount Types.
  8. Click OK.

The order in which the selected amount types appear in the currently selected Amount Types box and on the W-2 Return screen can be changed by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Available Amount Types

The Amount Types Window is used to select the Amount Types (dollar amount fields) to appear on the W-2 Returns screen. You can add or remove Amount Types from the list (and hence, the W-2 Returns screen). You can also choose the order that you would like the dollar amount fields to appear.

On the Amount Types window, the box on the left lists Available Amount Types. At the top of the box you will see the following tabs: Defaults, Non-Defaults and State. Clicking either of these tabs will show you a group of amount type fields.

  • The Defaults group: lists the most commonly used fields on Form W-2. For example, Gross Wages, Other Compensation, Social Security Wages, and Social Security Withheld are four default amount type fields.
  • The Non-Defaults group: lists the Amount Type fields available that are not considered Defaults.
  • The State group: lists state specific amount types.

If the State tab does not appear, the payer is set to the incorrect Data Entry Method. To change this, see the How to Change the Data Entry Method in Yearli article.

The following is a complete list of all W-2 amount types and their associated W-2 fields:


Amount Type W-2 Box
Social Security Wages 3
Gross Regular 1
Social Security Withheld 4
Federal Income Tax Withheld 2
State One Taxes Withheld 17(a)
State One Wages 16(a)
Locality One Taxes Withheld 19(a)
Locality One Wages 18(a)
Other Compensation N/A
Misc Deduction One N/A
Net Pay N/A
Medicare Withheld 6
Medicare Wages 5
Def Compensation 401(k) 12

Non Defaults

Amount Type W-2 Box
Social Security Tips 7
CostOfGrpTermLifeInsOver50,000 12 
Uncollected SS Tax on Tips 12 
Allocated Tips 8
Gross Overtime 1
Dependent Care Benefits 10
Non taxable Sick Pay 12
TaxOnExcessGoldenParachutePmts 12
NontaxEmployeeBusinessExpense 12
Nonqualif Sec 457 Def Comp 12
Nonqualif Non Sec 457 Def Comp 12
Gross Tips 1
Misc Deduction Two N/A
Misc Deduction Three N/A
Misc Deduction Four N/A
Misc Deduction Five N/A
Hours N/A
Weeks N/A
Misc Amount Not Ded from Net N/A
State One Unempl Ins Wages N/A
State Two Unempl Ins Wages N/A
State Two Wages 16(b)
State Two Tax Withheld 17(b)
Locality Two Wages 18(b)
Locality Two Tax Withheld 19(b)
Medicare Tips 5
Uncollected Medicare Tax on Tips 12
UncolSSTaxOnLifeInsOver50,000 12
UncolMCTacOnLifeInsOver50,000 12
Excludable Moving Expenses 12
Employer HSA Contribution 12
Employer MSA Contribution  12
Employer Adoption Expense 12
Employer Health Coverage Cost 12
Income From Nonstat stock 12
Def Compensation 403(b) 12
Def Compensation 408(k)(6)SEP 12
Def Compensation 457(b) 12
Def Compensation 501(c)(18)(D) 12
Def Compensation 408(p) SIMPLE 12
Deferrals Sec409A Nonqual Plan 12
Income Sec409A Nonqual Plan 12
Non Taxable Combat Pay 12
Roth Contrib Sec 401(k) Plan 12
Roth Contrib Sec 403(c) Sal Red 12
Roth Contrib Sec 457(b) Plan 12


Amount Type W-2 Box
NJ UI/WrkforceDv/SupplWorkFund 14
NJ Disability Ins Prem With 14
NJ State 1 DI Combo Plan Wages N/A
NJ State 2 DI Combo Plan Wages N/A
NJ State 1 FLI Combo Plan Wages N/A
NJ State 2 FLI Combo Plan Wages N/A
CA State Disabil Ins Withheld 14
CA Voluntary Pgm Dis Ins With 14
KS Publ Empl Retirement System 14
NY State 1 Other Wages N/A
NY State 2 Other Wages N/A
NY State 1 Column C Wages N/A
NY State 2 Column C Wages N/A
NY State 1 MCTMT Wages N/A
NY State 2 MCTMT Wages N/A
ME Non-Seasonal SUI Wages N/A
ME Seasonal SUI Wages N/A
MO St. Louis Stock Option N/A

Currently Selected Amount Types

The box on the right lists the Amount Types that have been selected for the current payer. When you move the Amount Type fields over to this box, and then click the OK button, the Dollar Amounts tab of the W-2 Returns Window will display the Amount Type fields you added in the order you specified.

Tips for using amount types:

  • Use the Include All and Exclude All buttons to add all or remove all Amount Types from the following Amount Type tabs: Defaults, Non-Defaults and State.
  • When the Defaults tab is selected, default Amount Types appear in the Available Amount Types list. When the Non-Defaults tab is selected, the non-default Amount Types appear in the Available Amount Types list. When the State tab is selected, the state Amount Types appear in the Available Amount Types list.
  • When you click the Include All button on either of the tabs (Default, Non-Default or State), the Amount Types will be added to the Currently Selected Amount Types list.
  • Likewise, when you click the Exclude All button, all of the Amount Types will be returned to the appropriate Available Amount Types list on the Default, Non-Default, or State tab.
  • Use the Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click keystrokes to highlight an adjacent or non-adjacent, respectively, range of amount types. You can also highlight a range of amount types by clicking an amount type and dragging down (or up).
  • Amount Type fields are customizable on the Form W-2 only. On 1099 Forms, amount types have been pre-selected for your convenience.
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