How to Use the W-2 Return Information Tab

Using the Return Information Tab

Use the Return Information tab to enter general return information. This includes state and local information, employment information, Box 12 & 14 text entries, and notes.

  • State and Local Information:
    • State - Enter the state abbreviation for the state that information is to be reported.
      • This prints in box 15 of the W-2.
    • ID - Enter the employer's state ID number that was assigned by the state.
      • This prints in box 15 of the W-2.
    • Locality - Enter the locality name.
      • This prints in box 20 of the W-2.
  • Include Which Wages on Form W-3
    • Use these drop down lists to select the wages included in the W-3.
  • Misc Information:
    • Box 12 Text - Prior Year - Enter any values to report for the prior year. Enter the appropriate code (as explained in the IRS instructions), the 2-digit year, and the monetary value to be reported.
    • Box 14 Text - Enter any text that is to print in box 14 of the W-2. Refer to state specific instructions for more information on filing for states.
  • Employment Information:
    • Employment Type - The Employment Type is used when printing specific employment types of W-2's and prints in the appropriate Box b "Kind of Payer" on Form W-3.
    • W-2 Control No. - Enter the W-2 Control Number for the return, if applicable.
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