How can I see what activities my team members have done in Yearli Premier

When teams are setup within Yearli Premier, the system will create a report tracking the action each team member has taken recently.  This report can be helpful to determine which individual may have completed a certain task or action.

The Activity Log report is available to view by:

  1. Log into Yearli Premier.
  2. Select Manage Team in the left navigation pane.
  3. Find the specific team and choose the Manage link to the right.
  4. Choose the View Activity button under Activity Log.
  5. Select the activity type to be viewed in the Activity drop-down menu.4.PNG
  6. Enter additional search criteria in the search box, if needed.
  7. The report details will display on screen.

Currently Yearli Premier offers the ability to see the following team member activities within the report:

  • Delete Payer
  • Edit Form
  • Edit Recipient
  • Submit Forms
  • Print Forms
  • Edit Payer
  • Invite Purchase
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