Why does the recipient TIN only show the last four numbers in Premier?

When printing or previewing W-2, 1099, or 1095 forms, the recipient TIN will only display the last four digits.  The TIN masking feature is an IRS program that assists in preventing identity theft and helps protect the recipient's SSN and EIN.

Form Title Copies with SSN Masking
W-2 Copy B, Copy C, Copy 2
1099-NEC Copy B, Copy 2
1099-MISC Copy B, Copy 2
1099-R Copy B, Copy C, Copy 2
1099-INT Copy B, Copy 2
1099-DIV Copy B, Copy 2
1099-S Copy B
1099-C Copy B
1098 Copy B
1098-T Copy B
1095-C Recipient Copy
1095-B Recipient Copy
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