Can I import W-2 or 1099 data from another software program in Premier?

Data can be imported from other software programs into Yearli.  The data can be exported from the third party software and copied into the Yearli Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file format.  Or, Yearli can import directly from certain software programs.

Import from an Excel file

  1. Log in to Yearli.
  2. Click the Import Forms/Templates button.
  3. Click the Select button for Yearli Excel Import.
  4. If needed, download the import template by clicking on the appropriate form type.  Otherwise, skip to the next step.2.PNG
  5. Click the Browse For File button.
  6. Browse for the import file.  Click Open.
  7. Click the Import button on the right of the screen.3.png
  8. If there are any errors, an Audit Report will display.  It will list any issues found with the data or template that must be corrected.
    1. Review the audit report and correct the necessary errors in the import template.
    2. Start the process over from Step 2 to attempt to import the updated file.
  9. If no errors are found, the forms will be automatically imported into the Yearli site.  A message will display showing the total number of payers and forms imported.  Click Ok.
  10. The imported forms will be available to review and modify in Forms.

Import directly from a software package

Currently, Yearli can import data directly from UKG, QuickBooks and others.

  1. Log in to Yearli.
  2. Click the Import Forms/Templates button.
  3. Click the Select button for the appropriate software package.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to import your data.
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