Yearli Excel - How do I format my Excel file to import the 1095-C data?

Yearli offers the ability to import your 1095-C data using an Excel file.  The Excel file templates are available for download on the Yearli website:

  1. Log into your Yearli account.
  2. Select Start New Forms.
  3. Click Import Data.
  4. Select the Yearli option.
  5. Choose the form type desired.
  6. Select the Excel template and instructions link.

The Excel import file must be formatted using the exact column headings that are shown in the sample file.  If the column heading names are altered, the import will not be able to read the file.  For purposes of the import process, you are able to import all data at once or partial data as needed.

Each column heading listed in the sample file corresponds to a field on the 1095-C form.  Each row within the Excel file corresponds to a specific recipient and their form level data.  In one import file, you can include multiple payers and recipients for the 1095-C form.

The minimum data required in order to successfully complete the import process for the 1095-C form is:

  • Name of Employer 1 (Box 7)
  • Employer Identification Number (Box 8)
  • Employee Social Security Number (Box 2)
  • Employee First Name (Box 1)
  • Employee Last Name (Box 1)

In order to electronically file the 1095-C forms to the Government, additional data will be required.  This data can be imported or manually entered:

  • Employer Address 1 (Box 9)
  • Employer City (Box 11)
  • Employer State (Box 12)
  • Employer Zip (Box 13)
  • Contact Phone (Box 10)
  • Employee Address 1 (Box 3)
  • Employee City (Box 4)
  • Employee State (Box 5)
  • Employee Zip (Box 6)
  • Appropriate codes for lines 14 and 16 for each recipient.
  • Appropriate dollar amounts for line 15 for each recipient.
  • All necessary covered individuals, including names, SSN or Date of Birth, and Months of Coverage.

Line 14, 15, and 16 specific information:

  • If a code or dollar amount applies to all twelve months of the calendar year, the code or dollar amount can be entered in the appropriate all 12 months column.
  • If a code or dollar amount applies to individual months, enter the specific code or dollar amount in each of the monthly columns.
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