QuickBooks - How do I map custom fields during the import from the desktop version of QuickBooks into Yearli?

The Export Wizard will display special mapping screens that you can use to direct it how to handle your custom fields.  Please use the following steps to do the mapping.

Note: The only items you need to map are the custom fields.

To map W-2 information during the import:

  1. Select a custom field from the QuickBooks Payroll Item list.
  2. Select the matching W-2 amount type.
  3. Click the Map button.  The wizard will automatically map QuickBooks supplied payroll items.  Disregard mapping any employer cost payroll items.  This information is not required on the W-2.
  4. Once you have mapped the payroll items to their amount types, click on the Finish button.

To map 1099-MISC information during the import:

  1. Select a 1099-MISC box type that corresponds to the displayed General Ledger Account (QuickBooks GL Account).
  2. Click on the Next or Finish button.
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