How do I fix my 1095 TIN Validation Failed Correction Needed forms?

A "Correction Needed" or "TIN Validation Failed" message indicates that the IRS found a Name/TIN combination on a 1095 form that does not match IRS records.  If it is a 1095-B or 1095-C form that received the TIN Validation Failed, the IRS will specify which individual(s) had an issue with the name and/or TIN.  If it is a 1094-C that received the TIN Validation Failed, the IRS does not specify which name(s)/TIN(s) in the Aggregated ALE Members section caused the error, and there may be multiple errors of this type on a single form.  This article is intended to lead you through the process of correcting TIN errors so that your ACA filing can reach an "Accepted" status.

How do I know if I have a TIN Validation error?

Greatland will inform you of a TIN validation error via e-mail, within the product message center on Your Filing Home, and on the Correction Report which is available within Form Filing History.  To access the report either click on the View Details button displayed in the Message Center or select Form Filing History from Your Filing Home.

Within Form Filing History select the Check Status clock icon next to the confirmation number of the 1095 filing.  Choose View Correction Report.  A report will be downloaded that lists forms that need corrections and the related error message.  The sample below indicates that recipients John Doe and Jane Smith both have TIN validation errors on their 1095-C forms.

Form Title Payer TIN Payer Name Recipient TIN or DOB Recipient Name Error Message
 1095-C  12-3456789  ABC Company  123-45-6789  Doe, John John Doe: TIN Validation Failed
 1095-C  12-3456789  ABC Company  123-45-6789  Doe, John John Doe: TIN Validation Failed
 1095-C  12-3456789  ABC Company  123-45-6789  Doe, John Sally Doe: TIN Validation Failed
 1095-C  98-7654321  XYZ Corporation  987-65-4321 Smith, Jane  Jane Smith: TIN Validation Failed

How do I know which name or TIN on the form is incorrect?

For 1095-B and 1095-C forms the IRS will provide specific information on which individuals on the form caused the TIN validation error.  The report will display the name of the individual(s) next to the TIN Validation Failed error message.  Also note that if you find that the name/TIN field on the recipient is incorrect, you will also need to correct their information in the Covered Individuals section of the form.

The Correction Report above indicates that John Doe, with recipient TIN 123-45-6789, has three TIN validation errors on his Form 1095-C.

  • John Doe's name is listed twice under the Error Message column.  This means that his name and/or TIN information is incorrect in the Employee Name field AND in the Covered Individuals fields.
  • Sally Doe's name is listed once under the Error Message column for the John Doe return.  Since Sally Doe is not the recipient on this form, it means that her name and/or TIN information is incorrect in the Covered Individuals fields.

This example also shows that Jane Smith has one TIN validation error on her Form 1095-C.

  • Jane Smith's name is listed once under the Error Message column.  This means that Jane Smith's name/TIN combination is incorrect in the Employee Name field OR in the Covered Individuals section.

How do I obtain the correct TIN information?

Follow these steps to ensure you have met all requirements to obtain the correct name/TIN information:

  • Check your records (HR/Benefits, Payroll data) to verify that all name/TIN combinations were entered correctly on Form 1095.
  • Contact the employee or employer to validate the recipient name/TIN combination and covered individuals name(s)/TIN(s).
    • 1095-B Forms - check with the sponsoring employer or responsible individual to validate the name/TIN information.
    • 1095-C Forms - check with your employee to validate the name/TIN information.
  • Contact your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office to determine if your information matches SSA's information.
  • If still not resolved, delete TINs for the Responsible Individual (1095-B) and the Covered Individuals (1095-B and 1095-C) and enter the applicable date(s) of birth in the appropriate fields.  The date of birth cannot be used for the employee listed on the Form 1095-C
  • If the Date of Birth is not available, document your solicitation process as outlined below to avoid potential fines and penalties.

Once you have identified the incorrect name/TIN fields and have obtained the correct data, you may enter a 1095 correction in Yearli Performance.  Submit your corrected forms as soon as possible.  If you do not change any data on your forms, do not resubmit your forms to the IRS.

What if I can't resolve a TIN issue?

You may be unable to resolve a TIN issue if you can't reach a particular employer or individual to validate their TIN or obtain their date of birth.  It is also possible that you have taken all required steps and believe that your data is accurate.  In these cases, make sure you have documented your process thoroughly to avoid potential fines and penalties.  The IRS has outlined the following process for 1095 forms:

  • Make an initial solicitation of recipient and covered individuals' TINs at an individual's enrollment unless you already have the required TINs.
  • If you do not receive the TINs, make the second solicitation no later than 75 days after receiving a substantially complete application for coverage.
  • If TINs are still not provided, make a third solicitation by December 31 of the year following the initial solicitation.
  • You are not required to solicit a TIN from an individual whose coverage is terminated.

How do I enter a correction in Yearli Performance?

To submit a 1095 correction for the TIN Validation Failed forms:

  1. Select the View Details button in the Message Center.
  2. Or, select Form Filing History and click the yellow caution triangle next to the confirmation number.
  3. Choose the radio button for Correct the TIN/Name mismatches.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the Correct button next to the Wrong 1095-C Information section.
  6. Select the recipient forms to be corrected and choose Next.
  7. The selected forms will move back to Forms in Progress.  Select the Edit link next to the recipient that needs the updated data.
  8. Update the recipient information on the data entry screen.
  9. Select Save when complete.
  10. Once all forms are updated, select Preview Forms or Detail Report to review the data.
  11. If all entries are correct, select the File Forms button.  This will move the forms that were corrected to the check-out process.  Any forms that were not edited will remain in Forms in Progress.
  12. Continue though the check-out process as usual.

What is the deadline to correct TIN Validation errors?

We recommend correcting the forms as soon as possible.  Greatland's Yearli Performance will allow you to correct your 2020 forms until the end of November 2021.

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