During data entry, red boxes are appearing around the data fields

A red box around a data field is most often caused by an invalid data entry or the webpage not loading correctly.

Verify the data entered in the fields

  • When entering payer or company name information on Yearli, only specific characters are allowed to be entered.  The current characters allowed for the payer or company name are:
    • Lower and uppercase letters (A-Z or a-z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • The following symbols are allowed:
      • Hash (#)
      • Hyphen (-)
      • Ampersand (&)
      • Parentheses ()
      • Apostrophes (')
      • Period (.)
      • Single space
  • For dollar amounts ensure all dollar value entries end with two decimal places.

Note: All other characters will need to be removed from the payer or company name before forms can be created.

Recreate the form

If you have verified all data entry is correct and valid, you will need to close the current form by selecting Your Filing Home and begin the data entry process once again.

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