Why can't I check the corrected box on the 1099 form?

Yearli uses a specific process for creating corrected 1099's.  The corrected 1099 form is created from the originally filed 1099 form.  It is only possible to file a corrected 1099 if the original 1099 was previously filed through Yearli.

Filing a corrected 1099

  1. Log in to Yearli.
  2. From Your Filing Home, click the Form Filing History button.
  3. Click the Make Corrections paper and pencil icon next to the batch containing the forms to be corrected.
  4. Choose the type of correction to be made.  Wrong Recipient TIN, Name, and/or Address, Wrong Amount or Filing, or Wrong Form Type.
  5. Check the box next to the desired form(s) to be corrected.  Click Next.
  6. Select the Edit link next to each form to make any applicable changes to the previously filed 1099 form.
  7. Click Save and then Next.

Correcting a 1099 form not originally filed through the website

If the original 1099 was not filed though Yearli, the corrected 1099 form will have to be filed on paper.  To obtain a paper copy of the form, please contact our Sales Department at greatland@greatland.com.

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