When can I start filing?

Yearli has the ability to file tax forms year round.  From January through November, the current year's tax forms can be processed and filed.  In December, Yearli updates the forms to accommodate the new tax filing year.

For example, January through November 2020 Yearli offers the filing of the 2019 tax year forms.  Then, in December 2020 we start offering the filing of the 2020 tax year forms.

Also, in December the IRS and SSA stop processing tax and wage forms in order to update their system to accept the new tax year returns.  During this time, they do not accept the filing of any forms.  The IRS and SSA will start processing the updated tax year forms in January.  During the IRS and SSA downtime, forms can still be filled out and submitted on Yearli.  These forms will be held by Yearli until the IRS and SSA start accepting the forms for processing.  At that time, we will send the forms electronically to the Government as usual.

Note: Recipient copies will be mailed within one week of submission.

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