Which Employment Type should I choose?

Selecting employment type in the E-file Center

  1. Use the Yearli E-file Center - Select Employment Type window to select the W-2 employment type you want to process for state e-file. Your choices include Regular (941), Agriculture (943), 944, Household, Military, Medicare Qualified Government Employee, and Railroad. Only one employment type can be filed at a time. If W-2's exist with multiple employment types, multiple batches will need to be filed. 
  2. Click Next once selection has been made.
  3. The Employment Type chosen will dictate which forms appear for filing. If a form or payer is not displayed after choosing the employment type, verify that the correct employment type was chosen, and that the W-2 form(s) have the correct Employment Type entered.

Note: You will select the specific payers for each state later in the process.

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