The file you are uploading is missing required column headings or data

The import is missing required information, or the column headings on the import file do not match what the program is expecting.

Verify all required information is present

  1. Open the import file you are attempting to import in Excel.
  2. Verify that each row has payer, recipient, and form data entered. Each row will need to contain a value in each of the required columns indicated in red.

Clearing hidden data and spaces

  1. Open the import file.
  2. Scroll down to the last row that contains data.
  3. Select 20 blank rows after the last row of data. For example, if your last row of data is in row 100, select rows 101 through 120.
  4. Press Delete on the keyboard.
  5. Save the file and attempt to import again. 

Verify the column headings

  1. Download a new copy of the import template. To do this, see the Where can I download the template for W-2, 1099, or 1095 importing? article.
  2. Remove the sample information from the new template.
  3. Copy and paste the information (excluding header rows) from the existing import file into the new template.
  4. Save the new template file and attempt to import.
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