What does this NYS-45 E-File Center error mean?

Common NYS-45 e-file validation errors

Payer: 123456789 (PayerName) - The element 'PayerCompany' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'USZipExt, EmailAddress, Phone'.

The payer is missing a zip code extension, email address, or phone number.  Verify that the payer information contains this information and attempt to e-file again.

Either the 'TransmitterContactTwo' is missing or out of order, or the element 'DeviceID' is invalid.

To resolve this error, close the Yearli software completely, re-open the Yearli program and attempt to e-file the form again.

Preparer Firm Name Invalid.
The Preparer's Firm Name on the NYS-45 form contains an invalid character. Remove any punctuation from the Preparer's Firm Name field on the NYS-45 (periods, commas, etc.) and attempt to e-file the form again.

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