Can forms be saved and completed at a different time?

During the data entry process click the Save button to save the form.  At that time, the form will be saved to the Forms in Progress section of your account.  Forms can be saved with partial or full data entered on them.  If a form is saved with only partial data entered, the remaining data will need to be keyed in prior to submitting that form.

Any forms saved in Forms in Progress and/or Submit Forms will remain in the account until you submit them during the checkout process.

Annually, Yearli updates the site for the new tax filing year at the beginning of December.  All saved W-2, 1099, and 1095 forms in your Forms in Progress and/or Submit Forms must be submitted or deleted by this time.  Yearli will send an email reminder at the end of November to notify users of any remaining forms that need to be checked out.

To find your saved and unsubmitted forms:

  1. Log in to your Yearli account.
  2. On Your Filing Home, check the Forms in Progress or Submit Forms sections.  Any saved forms will be displayed there.
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