Create Administrator Account

Creating the administrator account

  1. Click on the Security menu.
  2. Choose Enable Security.
  3. Click the Enable button.
  4. Choose a User ID for the administrator account, or use the default of "Administrator". The first account created must be the administrator account. There will need to be at least one administrator account.
  5. Enter a password for the administrator account. In Yearli 2015 and newer, the password must meet the following requirements: 
    1. Must contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z).
    2. Must contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z).
    3. Must contain one digit (0-9).
    4. Must be at least 10 characters.
    5. Cannot exceed 128 characters.
  6. To force the password to be changed at the next login, check the Force Password Change at Next Login checkbox. 
  7. Enter the employee's name.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose the minimum password length from the drop down menu.
  10. Check the Force Users to Change Password Every checkbox to require users to change their password after a certain number of days. Choose the number of days from the drop down menu.
  11. Check the Remember User ID at Login checkbox to automatically populate the User ID field when logging into the program.
  12. Click Finish.
  13. A confirmation window will appear. Click Yes to create users now, or No to close the security settings.
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