How to use the Payer List

Using the Payer List tab

You can select a payer to work with recipients and returns. The Payer List tab gives you access to preparing State Withholding forms and Federal forms 940/Schedule A, 941/Schedule B, 941/Schedule D, 941-V, 941-X, 943, 943-A, 943-X, 944, 944-X, 945, 945-A, 945-X, 1094-C, and W-3C for the Payer selected.   

  • Select a payer:  To select a payer click on the payer's name.  The selected payer will be highlighted in blue. 
  • Add a payer:  Click the Add Payer button on the Payer List tab.  Enter the payer information in the Manage Payer window.
  • Edit a payer:  Highlight a payer on the Payer List tab. The payer's information can be edited in the Manage Payer window.
  • Delete a payer:  Highlight the payer you would like to delete on the Payer List tab. Click the Delete Payer button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Deleting a payer deletes all of the payer's associated recipients' returns.
  • Search for a payer:  Enter search criteria and select the magnifying glass.  The search will be performed across all columns on the Payer List tab.  The Payer List tab will show the results of search.
  • Sort the Payer List:  You can sort the Payer List by any column.  Choose the sort order by clicking on the column heading.  An arrow appears in the heading to indicate ascending or descending order.


  • The Payer List is the portion of the screen that lists all of the Payers that you entered. You can adjust the width of the column in the Payer List section by clicking on and dragging the column lines between column headings. You can also scroll to the left and down using the scroll bars.
  • Only one payer can be highlighted at a time.
  • You can double-click a payer in the Payer List to open the Recipient List tab for the payer.
  • The Main Menu caption bar displays the name of the currently selected payer.
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