How do I update the Yearli program? (2018-Current)

Updating the Yearli program

Note:  For the network version of Yearli the update does not need to be ran on the server first.  Any workstation can run the update to update the database.  However, all workstations will still need to be updated to update the program.

  1. Open the Yearli Desktop software.  The program will automatically check for available updates.
    1. When prompted by the "A program update is available." message, click Yes to update the program.
    2. The InstallAware Wizard will verify the contents of the package.  If the minimum requirements are not met a message will display listing the incompatible elements. Click OK to end the installation process.
  2. If the installation has recommendations on ways to more effectively use Yearli Desktop, a message will display listing the recommendations. Click OK to continue with the installation process.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Next again.
  5. Yearli will download and install the necessary program update(s).
  6. Once it completes, click Finish.
  7. Yearli will open and display a PDF file with the release notes showing what program updates were applied. 
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