How do I view the TIN Matching results?

Viewing TIN Matching results

Once the IRS completes the TIN Matching process, the results will be available in the E-File Center to view.

  1. Click on the E-file Center menu.
  2. Choose TIN Matching.
  3. Choose View TIN Matching Status.
  4. At the status window, select the Order Numbers that you want to view the TIN Matching results for.
  5. Click on the Order Status Detail button.
  6. The report will open for viewing or printing.

TIN Matching status:

  • Invoice Paid – The batch process has been started.
  • Filing In Process – The batch data is under review with the IRS.
  • Filing Complete – The results have been returned from the IRS and Yearli is posting the results for each recipient.
  • Results Available – Yearli has completed processing the results and they are ready for viewing. 
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