What services does Yearli offer for form 1099?

For 1099s Yearli offers a bundled service that includes: Federal and State E-filing and Recipient Print and Mail and the optional Online Retrieval service.

  • Electronically file 1099 Federal Copy A information to the IRS.
  • Electronically file 1099 State Copy information to the State Agency.
  • Mail an original 1099 form to the recipient.
  • Option to have recipient copies posted to a secure online portal for recipients to download.
  • Send the electronic equivalent of the 1096 to the IRS.
  • Send a confirmation of the transaction via email to you, the filer.
  • The ability to print copies for your own files, as well as for filing with State or Local agencies, after the data is submitted.

Yearli offers the option to opt out of state e-filing during the submission process in the event the state filing service is not desired.  If the state filing service is opted out of, Yearli will not submit any 1099 data to the state government agency.

In the event a user would prefer to print and distribute the recipient copies themselves, the recipient mailing service can also be opted out of during the submission process.  If the recipient mailing service is opted out of, Yearli will not print and mail any recipient forms.  Instead, the forms will be available in the account as PDF files for the user to download, print, and distribute to their recipients.

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