Select Payers for Filing

Selecting payers for returns

Use the E-file Center - Select Payers window to select the payer(s) for e-file processing.  Payers with returns available for processing for the selected services are included in the list of payers. The Available Returns column displays the number of returns available for processing for the selected services.  Selecting a payer selects all returns available for processing for the payer.

Note: These states require that all returns for an EIN be transmitted in the same batch: Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, and Utah.

  • Payer / Recipient List:  When filing with a State E-file service, payers and recipients containing foreign addresses cannot be submitted and will be excluded from the list.
    • Payers must have an EIN when filing Form W-2s. According to the Social Security Administration, payers cannot have a payer TIN that is an SSN.
  • Select / Unselect a Payer:  Check the check box next to the row in the list or double click the name in the row.
    • Use the Select All Payers / Deselect All Payers button to select / unselect all rows in the list.
    • Use the Select a Payer Group drop down list box to select a Payer Group. Selecting a Payer Group selects each row in the list with a payer that is included in the Payer Group.
  • Find by:  Use the Find by field to search the selected column for the closest match. The selection bar is moved to row in the table with the closest match.
  • Payer List Filter:  When a service that includes Recipient Mail & Online Retrieval is selected, all payers will display in the grid and a link will display above the list grid that will say Exclude payers with forms already mailed. When the link is selected, the list will filter for them and display as Show all payers as a choice that can be made.
  • Select Recipients (W-2, 1095, 1099, and State E-file for 1099):  Click the Select Recipients for Payers button to select specific recipient returns for the payer in the row highlighted with the selection bar. The Selected Returns column will display the number of returns selected when fewer returns are selected than are available.

Payer not showing in list

Some of the reasons a payer may not be showing in the list for selection are: 

  • Payer does not have an EIN: If filing W-2 forms, the payer must have a TIN formatted as an EIN.
  • W-2C form is correcting the employment type: W-2C forms that have a corrected employment type cannot be filed electronically due to SSA specifications.  These forms must be filed on paper. 
  • The W-2C form is for a tax year earlier than three years from the current tax year: The E-file Center only accepts W-2C returns for the current year and previous three years.
  • The forms have already been e-filed: If the forms have already been e-filed, they will not appear again for re-filing.
  • No form was created: Forms must exist in the Yearli program to be filed through the E-file Center.
  • State information not completed on the form:  If the state is not entered on the W-2 or 1099 forms then the payer will not display for selection on the E-file Center - Select Payers For State screen. Verify that the appropriate state information is entered on the Return Information tab of each form being filed to a state agency.
  • Filing W-2C or 1099 correction: W-2C and 1099 corrections are not supported for state filing.  These forms must be filed on paper to state agencies.
  • No form was created: Forms must exist in the Yearli program to be filed through the E-file Center.
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