How do I reset the E-File Center password?

Changing the E-file Center account password

  1. Click on the E-file Center menu.
  2. Choose Change / Reset Password to update the password.
  3. Click on the Forgot Password button.
  4. Access the email address tied to the E-file Center account to retrieve the temporary password.
  5. Enter the temporary password in the Old Password field.
  6. Enter New Password. In Yearli 2015 and newer, the password must meet the following requirements:
    • At least 1 uppercase character (A-Z)
    • At least 1 lowercase character (a-z)
    • At least 1 digit (0-9)
    • At least 10 characters
    • At  most 128 characters
  7. Re-enter the password in the Confirm New Password field.
  8. Click Change Password to save changes. 
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