Can I cancel my forms after filing them through the E-File Center?

Canceling filed forms that have been filed through the E-file Center

Due to the nature of the electronic transmission at Yearli, we cannot alter or stop the transmission of forms once they have been submitted. All forms submitted through Yearli will be fully processed. Because of the costs incurred during the processing, we do not refund the purchase price of the form. 

You may submit a corrected 1099, 1095 or W-2c through Yearli to correct any mistakes made to dollar amount or recipient information entries on previously filed forms. For steps on how to do this, please view the How do I create a corrected 1099 for e-filing?, How do I create a corrected 1095 for e-filing?, or How do I correct a W-2 form? articles.

If errors were made on a 940, 941, or 944 forms, a 940-X, 941-X, or 944-X form will need to be filed to correct the incorrectly filed 941 form. Yeari does not support the electronic filing of 940-X, 941-X, or 944-X forms. These forms will need to be filed on paper. 

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