How do I print a 1096 form?

Printing a 1096 form

Note: The process of printing a 1096 form has changed since Yearli 2015. For steps on printing the 1096 in Yearli 2015 and earlier, please see the How do I print 1096 forms? (2015) article.

  1. Click the Print Forms button.
  2. Select the payer.
  3. To choose which recipients appear on the 1096:
    1. Click the Recipient List tab.
    2. Select recipients by using the Select All link or hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select each recipient.
  4. Choose 1096 from the Select Return column.
  5. Choose either Blank Form or Pre-Printed under the Select Print Type field.
  6. To print 1096 forms for multiple payers at a time:
    1. Click the Payer Groups tab.
    2. Choose the payer group to be printed. For steps on creating a payer group, see the How do I add or edit a payer group? article.
  7. Click Print to print the forms directly to the printer or Preview to display the forms on the screen before printing.


  • The 1096 can be printed without first printing or previewing Copy A of the 1099 forms.  From the Recipient List, select the recipients whose 1099 form information should be included on the 1096 to ensure accurate totals on the transmittal form.
  • A 1096 does not need to be printed for 1099 returns that were corrected and e-filed through the E-file Center.

Select Returns 

  • Select return:  Select a return type from the Select Returns list.
  • Select copy:  Click in the Select Copy list to select the form copy to be printed.  Use your arrow keys or the scroll bar to move up and down through the list.
  • Select print type:  Click a radio button to select blank form or pre-printed form.
    • The Pre-printed form option must be chosen in order to print or preview Copy A.
  • Select print options:  To include payer information on a pre-printed 1096 form, click the Print Payer Information checkbox. Payer information is automatically printed when Blank Form is selected as the print type.
    • Click the Printer Setup button to change the current printer.  Note that the current printer is displayed directly to the right of the Printer Setup button.
  • Adjust text alignment:  Change the number of units displayed in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes to regulate alignment.  1 unit is equal to 1/1000 of an inch. (Option is not available for blank forms.)
  • Horizontal:  Positive numbers move data to the right, negative numbers move data to the left.
  • Vertical:  Positive numbers move data up, negative numbers move data down.

Select Recipients

  • Use the Recipient List tab to select specific recipients to be included on the 1096.  The default is to print for All recipients.
  • To select recipients, click to highlight the recipients you would like to print. Click, hold, and drag to select multiple recipients. Use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select adjacent or non-adjacent recipients in the list.
  • To change the recipient display order, click the column heading to change the sort order. The recipients can be sorted by TIN, Name, State, or Misc Search.

Payer Groups

  • Use the Payer Groups tab to print 1096s for a group of payers. Simply highlight a Payer Group in the list.
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