How can I import only payer and recipient information?

Creating an import file with only payer and recipient information

Note: The only import option that will allow for the importing of payer and recipient information without form data is the 1095-C. When importing just payer and recipient information using the 1095-C import, a 1095-C will still be created. The below steps will go through creating the import file, then removing the blank 1095-C forms created by the import.

  1. Click on the Import Data button.
  2. Choose Import via Excel.
  3. Choose the 1095-C option.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Excel Template and Instructions.
  6. Choose where to save the file.
  7. Name the file.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The import file will open automatically.
  10. Enter only the payer and recipient information in the downloaded file. The following column headings cannot be left blank:
    • Name of Employer 1 (Box 7)
    • Employer Identification Number (Box 8)
    • Employee Social Security Number (Box 2)
    • Employee First Name (Box 1)
    • Employee Last Name (Box 1)
  11. Save the import file.
  12. Close the import file.
  13. Click on the Import Data button.
  14. Choose Import via Excel.
  15. Choose the 1095-C option.
  16. Click OK.
  17. Click Browse For File.
  18. Locate the saved import file.
  19. Click Open.
  20. If there are no critical errors on the Audit Report, click Next. If there are critical errors, these errors will need to be resolved before the import can continue.
  21. Verify that the information was imported by reviewing the information in the Payer List and Recipient List.
  22. To remove all of the blank imported 1095-C forms:
    1. Click the Utilities menu.
    2. Choose Delete Returns.
    3. Choose By Return Type...
    4. Choose the payer.
    5. Choose the 1095-C return type on the right.
    6. Click Delete.
    7. Click Yes.
    8. Click OK.
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