How do I submit the NYS-45 electronically with employees who do not have a valid SSN?

Enter zeros for the SSN

Note: The state of New York expects all employees on the NYS-45 to have valid SSNs.  Any employee with an ITIN or no SSN should obtain a valid SSN.  Entering all zeros for the SSN is a workaround while the employee is in the process of obtaining a valid SSN.

  1. Click on the Payer List button.
  2. Double click the payer name.
  3. Highlight the employee with the ITIN or no SSN.
  4. In the data fields to the right, enter all zeros for the employee's SSN (example: 000-00-0000).
  5. Select the Save button.
  6. Return to the Payer tab and re-create the NYS-45 form. 
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