Error storing updates

Not enough disk space is left on the installation drive or the SQL service is stopped.

Verify free disk space

  1. Open Computer.
  2. Right click on the drive where Yearli resides.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Verify the amount of free space.  Minimum of 2 GB free hard disk space required (4 GB or more recommended).

Verify the SQL server instance is running by checking the SQL Server Service Manager

  1. Access the Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager.  For steps to do this see the How do I access SQL Server Configuration Manager? article.
  2. Click on “SQL Server Services” to display a list of the currently running services.
  3. Right click SQL Server (GREATLANDYD) *
  4. Click Start if necessary.

*The SQL Server instance will differ depending on the version of the program. The SQL servers associated with each version of the program are:

  • WinFiler 2012 - 2013: WF_SS8E
  • WinFiler Plus 2013 - 2014: WFP_SS8E 
  • Yearli 2014: WFP_SS8E
  • Yearli 2015: WFP_SS8E or YD2015_SS8E
  • Yearli 2016: WFP_SS8E or YD2015_SS8E
  • Yearli 2018-2021: GREATLAND
  • Yearli 2022-Current: GREATLANDYD
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