How do I complete columns D and E of Part C on the NYS-45?

For periods prior to 2019: Columns (d) and (e) on Part C will only fill if it is the 4th Quarter or if the Last Return of the Year checkbox is checked.

Starting with 1st Quarter 2019: Columns (d) and (e) on Part C will be filled every quarter with the State Wages (Column d) and State and Local Tax Withheld (Column e) from the W-2 and 1099-R forms.

Completing Part C columns d and e

  1. Click on the Payer List button.
  2. Highlight the payer name.
  3. View the form name column.  If it should be a 4th Quarter form, ensure that it says NY NYS-45/ATT Q4.  If it does not, delete and recreate the 4th Quarter form.
  4. If the form is not a 4th Quarter form, double click on the NYS-45 form.
  5. In Part C check the Last Return of the Year box if not the 4th quarter.  If this is the 4th quarter ensure that the correct quarter was selected when creating the form.
  6. Click OK on the With this box checked, clicking the Fill button also fills columns d and e regardless of quarter" prompt.
  7. Click the Fill button. 
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