How do I backup my Yearli data?

Backing up payer data

Note: Prior to running the payer backup, it is recommended to create a folder to save the backup files to as a separate backup file will be created for each Payer.

  1. Click on the File menu.
  2. Choose Backup.
  3. Choose the payer(s) to be backed up.

Note: To select multiple payers press and hold the Shift or Ctrl key and click in the gray grid area on the left of the payer TIN for each payer you wish to select. All payers can be selected by checking the Select All Payers box.

  1. Choose the desired location to backup the payers to by using the Backup to (Destination): box on the right. To change the drive, use the Browse button directly below the Backup to (Destination): box.
  2. With the desired payers and locations selected, click Backup. The files will be placed in the selected location and given a file name of XXXXXXXX.XZP where the x’s correspond to the payer TINs.
  3. When complete, a screen will appear stating “Payer backup completed successfully”. 
  4. Click OK. 
  5. Click Close.
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