How do I add a payer?

Creating a payer

  1. Click the Payer List button.
  2. Click the Add Payer button.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields.
  4. Click Save. 

Note: For e-filing, the payer address and phone number fields are required.  This screen should include all payer information that needs to appear on the printed returns and forms.

  1. Click on the Payer State Info button.
  2. Enter the state and the State ID number for W-2 assigned by the state.
  3. Enter the State ID for SUI (State Unemployment Insurance taxes) assigned by the state.
  4. Enter the SUI %.  This is the percentage used when calculating SUI tax based on the state taxable wages.
  5. Enter the SUI Wage Max.  This is the maximum amount of wages per year per recipient subject to state unemployment tax.

Note: If the SUI % and SUI Wage Max are not displayed, close out of the window and click the Change Data Entry Method button. Click Choose Quarterly to add the SUI % and SUI Wage Max fields to Payer State Info.

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