How do I create Form 1099-PATR?

Creating Form 1099-PATR

  1. Click on the Payer List button.
  2. Choose the appropriate Payer to create the Form 1099-PATR for.
  3. Click on the Recipient List button.
  4. Choose the appropriate Recipient to create Form 1099-PATR.
  5. Click on the Add Form button.
  6. Choose 1099-PATR from the Form Type drop down menu.
  7. Fill in the necessary fields on the form:
    • Corrected:  Check if this box applies.
    • Patronage dividends:  Enter the total patronage dividends.
    • Non-patronage distributions:  Enter the total non-patronage distributions paid.
    • Per-unit retain allocations:  Enter the total per-unit retain allocations paid.
    • Federal income tax withheld:  Enter backup withholding.
    • Redemption of non-qualified notices and retail allocations:  Enter all redemptions of non-qualified written notices.
    • Domestic production activities deduction:  Report the portion of the cooperative's QPAI that is deductible.
    • Qualified payments: For specified agricultural and horticultural cooperatives only, enter the qualified payments paid to the patron. 
    • Investment credit:  Enter amount of investment credit.
    • Work opportunity credit:  Enter amount of work opportunity credit.
    • Patron's AMT adjustment:  Enter full adjustment amount.
    • Other credits and deductions:  Report the patron's share of unused credits.
    • Description of Box 11 credit or deduction:  Enter description of credit or deduction.
    • 2nd TIN Notice:  Check this box if notified by the IRS twice within 3 calendar years that the recipient provided an incorrect TIN.
    • Account Number:  A number assigned to recipient by the payer.  This field is optional except for the following cases:
      • The recipient has multiple returns for the same return type.
      • The returns are filed using the E-file Center.
  8. Click Save. 
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