How do I select what forms I want to e-file?

Selecting forms to e-file

  1. Select the E-file Center menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose Send Returns.
  3. Use the Yearli E-file Center - Select Form Type window to select the type of forms you want to process.  Your choices include: Form W-2 returns, W-2C returns, 1099 returns, Corrected 1099 Series returns, 1095-B, 1095-C*, Corrected 1095-B, Corrected 1095-C, Corrected 1094-C, 940, 94x PIN Registration, 941/Schedule B, 944, or CA DE-9, CA DE-9C, NYS-45.
    • You may only select one form type because each type of form is processed differently.  For example, Form W-2 return information is sent to the SSA, upon request, while the Form 1099 Series return information is sent to the IRS, upon request.
  4. Click Next. You will be able to choose what service(s) and payer(s) you would like to submit later in the process.

*You will be prompted to complete/review the 1094-C while filing 1095-C forms. There is not a separate filing option for Form 1094-C. The 1094-C must be included with 1095-C forms. 

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