How do I check the status of e-filed forms?

Checking the status of e-filed forms

  1. Click on the E-file Center menu.
  2. Choose Status.
  3. Place a checkmark next to the order number(s).
  4. Click on Order Status Detail. 

Note:  For a full explanation of the order statuses, please see the What does my filing status mean? article.

Procedure 2 (Using the E-file Center Status screen)

Select/Unselect an Order:  

  • Click the check box next to the row in the list for an order or double-click the row in the list for an order.
  • Use the Select All/Deselect All button to select/unselect all rows in the list.

Export to Excel Button:

  • Click the Export to Excel button to allow saving of information in the Order Status grid to an Excel file.

Order Status Detail Button:

  • Click the Order Status Detail button to display a report containing detailed information for each of the selected orders. The Order Detail report contains the Statuses of the selected orders including Payer and Recipient detail for Federal and State agencies. The report may be printed from this screen. After Previewing the report, you can print the entire report or just certain page(s).

Receipt Button:

  • Click the Receipt button to display a receipt containing credit card payment information for each of the selected orders.
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