E-File Center pricing and deadlines

Peak Pricing

Peak pricing is applied to all services that include recipient print/mail when filed the day before and day of each corresponding recipient deadline. See E-file Center Pricing below for more details.

E-File Center Deadlines

  1. Click on the E-file Center menu.
  2. Select Pricing and Deadlines Online.
  3. Select Federal and State Deadlines.


E-File Center Pricing

A per form fee is charged for each filing service. Choose from one of our individual services or a bundled service if forms need to be filed to multiple agencies and/or printed and mailed. Pricing is cumulative in that if you continue to file multiple forms, your filing fee will reduce as you reach each price break. Batch filing is a way to reduce your overall spend. Once you have reached a price break, you will lock in that rate until you reach the next price break.

Peak pricing will begin on the last two days of each corresponding deadline. During this time, services including recipient print/mail and online retrieval will increase by $1 per form. If you would like specific E-File Center pricing, or a quote for your filings please contact our sales team at 800-968-1099.


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