How do I print a W-3C form?

Printing a W-3c form

Note:  You must print or preview Copy A of your W-2c returns before you will be able to print a W-3c Summary. The print or preview process calculates the totals required by the W-3c. If changes have been made to the W-2c forms for the selected payer after having already previewed or printed the W-3c, you must preview or print Copy A of the W-2c forms again for the changes to be included in the W-3c.

  1. Print or preview the W-2c forms.
  2. Click the Payer List button.
  3. Choose the Payer.
  4. Choose the W-3c form in the Form List.
  5. Click the Print button on the right side of the window.
  6. Choose the print type (blank or pre-printed).

    Note:  If printing a pre-printed W-3c, check the Print payer information box for the payer name and address to print on the form.

  7. Click Print or Preview.  To print from the preview screen, click on the print icon in the upper left corner. 
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