How do I print a W-3 form?

Printing a W-3 form

Note: The W-3 printing process has changed since Yearli 2015. For steps on printing the W-3 in Yearli 2015 and earlier, please see the How do I print W-3 forms? (2015) article.

  1. Click the Print Forms button.
  2. Select the payer.
  3. To choose which recipients appear on the W-3:
    1. Click the Recipient List tab.
    2. Select recipients by using the Select All link, or hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select each recipient.
  4. Choose W-3 from the Select Return column.
  5. Choose either Blank Form or Pre-Printed under the Select Print Type field.
  6. Choose the Employment type.
  7. To print W-3 forms for multiple payers at a time:
    1. Click the Payer Groups tab.
    2. Choose the payer group to be printed. For steps on creating a payer group, see the How do I add or edit a payer group? article.
  8. Click Print to print the forms directly to the printer or Preview to display the forms on the screen before printing.


  • The W-3 can be printed without first printing or previewing Copy A of the W-2 forms.  From the Recipient List, select the recipients whose W-2 form information is to be included on the W-3 to ensure accurate totals on the transmittal form.

Select Returns

  • Select return:  Select a return type from the Select Returns list.
  • Select copy:  Click in the Select Copy list to select the form copy to be printed.  Use your arrow keys or the scroll bar to move up and down through the list.
  • Select print type:  Click a radio button to select blank form or pre-printed form.
  • Select print options:  To include payer information on a pre-printed W-3, click the Print Payer Information checkbox. Payer information is automatically printed when Blank Form is selected as the print type.
    • Click the Printer Setup button to change the current printer.  Note that the current printer is displayed directly to the right of the Printer Setup button.
    • Adjust text alignment:  Change the number of units displayed in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes to regulate alignment.  1 unit is equal to 1/1000 of an inch. (Option is not available for blank forms.)
      • Horizontal:  Positive numbers move data to the right, negative numbers move data to the left.
      • Vertical:  Positive numbers move data up, negative numbers move data down.

Select Recipients

  • Use the Recipient List tab to select specific recipients to be included on the W-3.  The default is to print for all recipients.
  • To select recipients, click to highlight the recipients you would like to print. Click, hold, and drag to select multiple recipients. Use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select adjacent or non-adjacent recipients in the list.
  • To change the recipient display order, click the column heading to change the sort order. The recipients can be sorted by TIN, Name, State, or Misc Search.

Payer Groups

  • Use the Payer Groups tab to print W-3s for a group of payers. Simply highlight a Payer Group in the list. 
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