How do I print a corrected 1099 form for e-filing?

Printing a corrected 1099 form that was created for e-filing)

Note:  In Yearli 2015 and older, if the corrected 1099 form was created for e-filing (see the 
How do I create a corrected 1099 form for e-filing? article), it will not be available for printing until after it has been e-filed (see How do I e-file forms in the E-file Center? article). In Yearli 2016 and newer, the 1099 correction created for e-filing can be printed before it has been e-filed. 

  1. Click the Print Forms button.
  2. Select the payer.
  3. To choose which recipient(s) to print:
    1. Click on the Recipient List tab.
    2. Select recipients by using the Select All link or hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select each recipient.
  4. Choose the corrected 1099 form type from the Select return window.
  5. Choose either Blank Form or Pre-Printed under the Select Print Type field.
  6. Choose the copy to be printed.

    Note:  The pre-printed Copy A is not available for printing with the corrected 1099 return, as it has already been e-filed, or has yet to be filed and needs to be done so electronically.
  1. Click Print to print the forms directly to the printer or Preview to display the forms on the screen before printing.
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