How do I import foreign addresses?

IRS Country Code information

A country code is used in instances where the recipient's home address is in a country outside of the United States. When filing to foreign addresses, this is a required field. A list of IRS country codes can be found directly on the IRS website, here. 


Importing foreign address information

  1. Download and open a copy of the import template, or open an existing import file. For steps on how to download the template, see the Where can I download the template for W-2, 1099, or 1095 importing? article.
  2. Locate the employer or employee address column.*
  3. Leave the following fields blank:
    1. Employee or employer City, State, and Zip*
  4. Locate the foreign address indicator column. *
  5. Enter a value of "True", without the quotes to indicate that the employer or employee has a foreign address.
  6. Locate the foreign state name column and enter the state's name.*
  7. Locate the foreign postal code column and enter the postal code.*
  8. Locate the country code column and enter the country code. A list of country codes can be found on the IRS website, or on the What country code do I use when importing foreign address information? article.*
  9. After entering the applicable information, save the import file and attempt to import.

*The column headings for each form type are as follows:


Employer Employee
Step 2 Employer Address 1 (Box 9), Employer Address (Box 9) Employee Address 1 (Box 3), Employee Address 2 (Box 3)
Step 3 Employer City (Box 11), Employer State (Box 12), Employer Zip (Box 13) Employee City (Box 4), Employee State (Box 5), Employee Zip (Box 6)
Step 4 Employer Foreign Address Indicator Foreign Address Indicator
Step 6 Foreign State Name (Box 12) Foreign State Name (Box 5)
Step 7 Foreign Postal Code (Box 13) Foreign Postal Code (Box 6)
Step 8 Country Code (Box 13) Country Code (Box 6)


Step Issuer Sponsoring Employer
 Step 2  Issuer Address 1 (Box 19), Issuer Address 2 (Box 19)  Sponsoring Employer Address 1 (Box 12), Sponsoring Employer Address 2 (Box 12)  Responsible Individual Address 1 (Box 4), Responsible Individual Address 2 (Box 4)
 Step 3  Issuer City (Box 20), Issuer State (Box 21), Issuer Zip (Box 22)  Sponsoring Employer City (Box 13), Sponsoring Employer State (Box 14), Sponsoring Employer Zip (Box 15)  Responsible Individual City (Box 5), Responsible Individual State (Box 6), Responsible Individual (Box 7)
 Step 4  Issuer Foreign Address Indicator  Sponsoring Employer Foreign Address Indicator Foreign Address Indicator
 Step 6  Foreign State Name (Box 21)  Sponsoring Employer Foreign State Name (Box 14) Foreign State Name (Box 6)
 Step 7  Foreign Postal Code (Box 22)  Sponsoring Employer Foreign Postal Code (Box 15) Foreign Postal Code (Box 7)
 Step 8  Country Code (Box 22)  Sponsoring Employer Country Code (Box 15)  Country Code (Box 7)


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