How do I setup a NYS-45 for e-filing?

Setting up the NYS-45 for e-filing

  1. Click on the Payer List button.
  2. Highlight the payer name.
  3. Create a new NYS-45, or double click on the existing NYS-45 form in the Form List.
  4. Check the Check if you intend to file the Form NYS-45/ATT via the E-file Center box.
  5.  If there is a balance due for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) or Withholding Tax (WT) check the submit payments boxes at the end of Part A and B.
  6. Enter the Balance Due Payment information for the UI and WT in the section below Part E (Change of Business Information).
  7. Select the method of filing for the NYS-45/ATT.
  8. Complete the Paid Preparer's information, if applicable.
  9. Complete the Signer's information.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click OK.

The Check if you intend to file the Form NYS-45/ATT via the E-file Center option is not available

The Check if you intend to file the Form NYS-45/ATT via the E-file Center box, will be unavailable in the following situations:

  • The Payer has a foreign address
  • The Payer's TIN is not an EIN
  • The Payer's UI Employer Registration Number or Withholding ID Number is not in a correct format
  • The Payer's Withholding ID Number begins with "NY" or "TF"

Note: If any of these are true, it will not be possible to e-file the NYS-45.

Information required for e-filing

  • A Method of Filing this NYS-45 / ATT must be selected below Part E on the prep screen. For both Self-Filer and Paid Preparer, information must be entered in the following required fields: Signer's Name, Title, Telephone number, Email, and Date Signed.
  • When filing as a Paid Preparer, information must be entered in the following required fields in the Paid Preparer's Use section: Date, Preparer's Name, Preparer's Firm Name and EIN, Address (including City, State, and Zip Code), Telephone Number, Preparer's PTIN or SSN.
    • Paid Preparers must have authorization from their clients to e-file NYS-45 / ATT.  A link to New York's authorization Form TR-579-WT is provided on the prep screen when "Filing electronically as Paid Preparer" is selected in Method of Filing.  Form TR-579-WT is retained by the preparer, and is not sent in to the state.
  • In Part C Employee wage and withholding information, the Social Security Number (SSN) in column (a) cannot be left blank for electronic filing. Also note that New York does not allow an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to be reported in place of an SSN.
    • If a recipient does not have a valid Social Security Number, enter “000-00-0000” as the SSN on the Manage Recipient screen; this will be accepted by New York for electronically filed NYS-45 forms.

Note: Since NY requires valid employee Social Security Numbers for Wage Reporting, New York will contact employers that report “000-00-0000” for recipient SSNs, in order to request employees’ actual Social Security Numbers. 

Electronic payment

  • Payments for Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Withholding Tax (WT) due on NYS-45 / ATT should be submitted along with e-filed NYS-45 / ATT returns.  If payment is not submitted with the NYS-45 filing, New York will send the employer a bill for the balance due.  However, the employer will be subject to late payment penalties if the balance due is not paid by the NYS-45 due date (per the New York Tax Department, bills are sent out approximately six weeks after the NYS-45 due date.)
  • For electronic filing, New York requires separate payments for Unemployment Insurance and Withholding Tax.  Complete the following fields in the E-file Center Balance Due Payment Information section (below Part E) for each tax type:
    • Type of Account (Checking or Savings)
    • Bank Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Account Holder Name
    • Type of Account Holder (Business or Personal)
    • Payment Settlement Date (Optional - Date the payment is to be debited from the account)
  • These fields are available when there is a balance due and the "Submit UI payment using the E-file Center" checkbox (below line 11) and/or "Submit WT payment using the E-file Center" checkbox (below line 21) are checked.
  • New York recommends that filers check with their bank if they plan to pay electronically. The information below is from New York's e-file handbook.

ACH Debit Block

  • Debit block services protect your bank accounts from unauthorized electronic charges. The block (or filter) provides stringent control over electronic transactions posted to bank accounts. Your bank will only process authorized transactions. 
  • Check with your bank before setting up a debit payment. If you have a debit block on your bank account, you must provide the information below to your bank so it can process your payment(s).
  • You must provide both the existing and the new company IDs and names below for each type of payment you make.

Note: If you don’t provide this information, your bank could reject the payment. In this case, you may receive a bill from the Tax Department and/or the Department of Labor for the amount due, including penalty and interest.

You must provide the authorization information below for each type of payment you make: 

Payment type New company ID and name
  Withholding tax (NYS-45)   S146013200 NYS DTF WT
  Unemployment Insurance Contributions (NYS-45)   Q146013200 NYS DOL UI



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