I just switched to Yearli Premier from Yearli Desktop. What changes will I experience?

Yearli Premier and Yearli Desktop have differences that are not provided in the system. Below are features that are different in Premier. 

  • Yearli Premier only allows for manual data entry which means auto calculations are not available. 
  • Yearli Premier does not offer transactional data entry as it is not a payroll software.
  • Yearli Premier does not allow for custom calculations for specific form boxes. 
  • Yearli Premier does not offer State Quarterly forms of any kind and only allows for 941/Schedule B.
  • Yearli Premier does not offer the ability to print pre-printed forms of any kind. These can be obtained through the Yearli sales team at greatland@greatland.com
  • Yearli Premier is strictly E-File only and does not allow for paper filing of forms (Copy A in Yearli Desktop).
  • Yearli Premier is not a desktop application and can be accessed on any computer that has an internet connection/browser (Preferably Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox). 
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