How to import payer and recipient information from Yearli Desktop into Yearli Premier

Payer and recipient information from Yearli Desktop 2019 or Yearli Desktop 2020 can be exported and then imported into Yearli Premier.  To do this:

  1. Open Yearli Desktop 2019 or Yearli Desktop 2020.
  2. Select the File menu.
  3. Choose Export.
  4. Choose Premier Payers & Recipients Template.
  5. Enter a name for the file, select a location to save the file to, and choose Save.
  6. Once the Excel file is created, it will automatically open.  Review the data within the file and make any necessary adjustment(s).  Column headings in red denote required information for importing into Premier.
  7. If changes were made, Save the template.
  8. Close the Excel file.
  9. Go to Yearli Premier and log in.
  10. Select My Account from the left navigation pane.
  11. Choose the option for Payers & Recipients.
  12. Select Import on the right side.
  13. Click the Browse for File button.
  14. Find the exported file from Yearli Desktop, select it, and choose Open.
  15. Click the Import button to the right.
  16. If there are any errors with the data, an audit screen will display listing the errors.  Open the Excel file to edit the data and fix the errors.  Try the import again.
  17. If there are no errors with the data, it will import and return you to the Manage Payers & Recipients listing.

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