I want to import additional 1095 data for my recipients in Premier. How do I do this?

If you need to import new or additional 1095 forms that have not been imported previously, this can be done by following the regular import process.  Create a new Excel import file that contains only the new recipients or forms that need to be imported.  Then, import the new file as usual.

If you need to import new or additional data for recipients or 1095 forms that were imported at an earlier date, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Excel import file and verify all necessary data is included for all recipients.
  2. Save the Excel file with updated information.
  3. Log into your Yearli account.
  4. Select Import Forms/Templates.
  5. Select the Yearli option.
  6. Select Browse for File.
  7. Locate the Excel import file and choose Open.
  8. Click on the Import button to the right.3.png
  9. Review any of the critical or missing data errors listed.
  10. If there are no critical errors, the forms will begin to import.
  11. When prompted, choose to replace existing forms for any recipient forms that are being imported a second time.
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